It all started with Mr.Varongkorn Tienaprmpool and Ms. Supattra Kreaksakul has passion in art & weaving, which is originally Thai local handicraft. They introduced the idea of mixing the unique weaving with all other stuffs to create contemporary products that are unique and outstanding. Moreover, they would like to bring the nature closer to lifestyle of people these days. The definition of PATAPiAN came from the symbol that represents childhood memory of the creators. The people in the same generation are familiar with PATAPiAN and know it as a Thai local weaving. Some might say that PATAPiAN is Thai product that has been crafted since ancient time. The creators saw the importance of this weaving and would like to keep this precious tradition on an even more contemporary format. Therefore, the creators found PATAPiAN to remind an identity of the group, to represent all types of weaving and to give more freedom to the material that are chosen to create a perfect weaving.


Socially Responsible and Environmentally-Friendly
– Improving the living of local people in many areas such as the distribution of income to a number of communities, the exchange of knowledge each other, and local people can work at home. Thus, it make they feel closer with their family, without having to relocate to find a job. It also encourages children in communities to interest in conserving wickerwork of Thailand.
– To reuse waste wood from the factory, which is natural material in order to make it valuable again.
– The using of natural color in some of products in order to create a positive impact and to be a choice for customer who concern about environmentally friendly.