“Movement” Installation Art


Redesigning Bornean Crafts Project

“Movement” was inspired by ngajat dance, which is a traditional dance of
Sarawak’s Iban people. The people of Sarawak tell stories of happening in their
daily living through dancing. They translate a lot of their daily activities into body
language. The movement of the dancers portray their culture and
tradition.Ngajat is the dance to celebrate the Gawai festival, as well as
celebrating the war victory. The ngajat dancer which men usually perform is
aggressive and depicts a man going to war, or a bird flying. The ngajat which
women perform is of soft, graceful movements with very precise body turns. We
re-interpret their body movement, posture, rhythm, hand gestures, voice tone
and facial expressions through structure, weaving patterns and color for
presenting the beauty of Borneo way of life.

A creative residency project about revitalizing local crafts
Facilitated by Borneo Laboratory