“Round Collection” was inspired by “Phra Prang Wat Arun” is Thai architectural
prang, located at Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan. It is
elegant and spiritual anchor of Thai people since the Ayutthaya period. As
Buddhists, we closed and bonded with this prang since we were child.
Distinctive shape and elaborate decoration reflect the traditions, art, culture
and faith of the Buddhist way. The designers convey the contemporary Thai
whether shape, colorful or pattern. By experimenting with new woven
techniques. The technique of round motions (coil), which is a layer of coil. The
inner circle extends beyond. Matching between natural and metal in order to
create new woven perspective. The rhythm of the metal wire merge into
bamboo strips, which created unique patterns and colors, unlike traditional
basketry. And this kind of bamboo woven technique is curled or rounded, which
matched with the shape of the prang. Thus, the design is named as “Round”.

Round is series of home decorations, composed of container, vase, mirror and
pendant lighting. Round offers an elegant approach to fusion materials, fine texture
and charming forms.

Materials : Bamboo, Brass, Copper, Thai Marble, Wood